• Weekly Summary (1/20) •

[To Sum Up]

This week has been a bit of a whirl wind. I found myself quite busy even though it is the beginning of the semester. That’s why I find myself writing this summary on Friday night…

To go into a little bit of detail in regard to the work that we were assigned this week overall I didn’t find any one portion too challenging and I enjoyed the whole process of getting started.

To start, I created new social media accounts for this class. I already possessTwitter, Flickr, Vimeo, and SoundCloud accounts and because I wanted to keep this course’s work separate from my personal accounts I went ahead and created new ones all under my super secret agent name “Neapolitan Napoléon” and @NeapolNapol in the case of Twitter.

In the first blog post that I published I share content from each of Neapolitan Napoléon’s accounts and share fun facts and pose little questions to the rest of the DS106 community related to Napoléon and France.

[If it isn’t evident already I a•d•o•r•e the French Republic.]

(I also love doing fun things with text and fonts so you’ll probably see a fair amount of that as well.)

So, in the quest to find clever usernames I decided on Neapolitan Napoléon because I found the most adorable Napoléon stuffed bear while I was in France over winter break and I knew that he had be the face of my secret identity. Sure, the real Napoléon was not engaged in espionage, but Neapolitan Napoléon definitely is!

As what I publish will be spy oriented and also France themed I’m still figuring out how to connect the two and what type of art I should aim to produce. I guess as I go through the semester I will piece it together in a super secret agenty detectivy mysterious sort of way.

My posts this week include:

Social Media

Show Your Work

Mission 106 Thoughts

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