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Perhaps you’ve already noticed my secret [I•d•e•n•t•i•t•y]: “Neapolitan Napoléon.” If not, then you’ll be quite familiar by the end of this post as he’s taken over my Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, & SoundCloud accounts that I’ve included pieces of below.

I’ve paired each photo or video from each account with a small question  or fun fact related to the content. This is a game (jeu) that I hope to play through out the semester along with my inclusion of French words sprinkled through out because Neapolitan Napoléon is quite French.

On Twitter I’ve disclosed my agent’s identity:  “Neapolitan Napoléon” and I urge you to follow my missions @NeapolNapoleon
• Does anyone know what Neapol means? 10 super spy points to the person who guesses correctly •

All the photos on my Flickr photo stream are pictures that I took during my three week trip to Paris over winter break. During my stay I also traveled 70 km south to Fontainebleau to visit the Château de Fontainebleau (pictured below) where centuries of French kings and Napoléon I and Napoléon III lived.
• My true identity may or may not also be on Flickr…can you spot me? •

Agent Neapolitan Napoléon

From SoundCloud I wanted to share Neaopolitan Napoléon’s theme music. It’s a hit straight from the 1890s. A grand merci to French composer Monsieur Claude-Achille Debussy for the memorable jam.
• Fun fact: I have yet to visit the cemetery where Debussy is buried in Paris, but I have been to Chopin’s grave – he’s buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetary! •

The video below “The Quiet City: Winter in Paris” by Andrew Julian on Vimeo  captures Paris in Wintertime perfectly and has inspired me to pursue recording the city in video the next time I’m there.
• Who can find something related to Napoléon in this vid? •

[A bientôt!]


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