• Mission106 Thoughts •

My thoughts on the Mission106 theme are mixed, I must admit. When I first saw that espionage would be the subject that our prompts throughout the semester would be based in I was a little dubious as to the true extent of possibilities that could exist for our work.

However, as I’ve put my toes in and tested the water I’ve come to appreciate the theme. Having a concept to come back to throughout the semester that is specific and general at the same time will be helpful within the creative process. It will be nice to have it to rely on – something to draw ideas from in it of itself as well as from the DS106 community that will be participating.

As for the genre itself I love m•y•s•t•e•r•i•e•s [in particular], but I appreciate spy fiction in general as well. Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poiret, Nancy Drew, Phryne Fisher are some of my favorite detectives. Maybe I will be able to incorporate them somehow over the course of the semester…

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