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Final Mission

Mission: Россия встречает Канаду


In order to build a story of completing a mission my plan originally consisted of four parts. I decided to incorporate items 2 and 4 from the prompt list as my base for the project. Item 2 is in regard to Canada-Russia ties and Item 4 deals with Professor Bond working with the Russians.

Over the course of working on this project I decided to combine two of the sections and so my final product contains three segments: “Debriefing,” “Transmissions,” and “Conclusions.”


This first segment consists of a video in which I play Director N – the director of Team DS106 that is being sent to investigate the Russia-Canada connection. I incorporate Margaret Delatour (Special Agent GO), Roderick Rush, Scarlett Jones (Tinkerbell), and Al Gore (ManBearPig) at this point in my project as they make up the team along with Agent Tilbit who is the leader.

For this portion of the project I began by writing a script and then filmed myself using my computer and simply uploaded the finished video to Vimeo.


This next segment focuses on the updates Agent Tilbit, Agent GO, Agent Rush, Agent ManBearPig, and Agent Jones send Director N over the course of their operation.

Here I relied on auditory media and this stage contained many more steps than my video portion. I recorded myself as each agent in Audacity. I then tried to upload the .wav files to the Online Tone Generator (onlinetonegenerator.com) in order to change the pitch of my voice for some of the agents so that I would sound like each individual. However, the .wav files that Online Tone Generator had me download did not work in Audacity so I simply changed the pitch of my voice in Audacity itself.

I also included sounds that I found on Free Sound (freesound.org) to try and make it sound as though my spies were communicating with me from Canada as well as the Soviet Union’s national anthem for a fun effect. I edited the entire file so that the timing of each item would align perfectly. I also decided to add in a robotic vocalization at the beginning and end of each transmission for a further effect.


Over the course of the transmissions it is revealed that Professor Bond is a double agent – he was working for the Russians! At the very end while Agent Jones is transmitting an update to Director N the Russians actually arrive and begin to shoot at Team DS106!! Thankfully they return fire, but Agent Bond is not so lucky…. he is shot and goes over Niagara Falls….

To show the different points involved in the story I created a Google Map with the major aspects of the narrative. I personalized each pinpoint that I placed on the map to show the significance of the location/event.

One final assignment: A Bit of Advice

DS106 Advice


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