• Weekly Summary 3/31 •

This week I completed two major assignments which included a Video Essay & Interview Responses. Both were very fun to complete! First, I loved filming my (and Agent Tilbit’s) responses to the DS106 directors’ interview questions. It was also great to learn how to place narration over video for the Video Essay.

In regard to the Video Essay, I really enjoyed watching Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting series. He includes so much detail regarding filming techniques and highlights concepts that I wouldn’t be as aware of, so I really appreciated learning about film production through his short explanations.

Finally,  I completed over 10 stars of video assignments this week including:

10★s of Video Assignments:

Where Did My Shoes Take Me? (4★s)

My Favorite Thing To Do (4★s)

What Do You Do? (4.5★s)

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