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For this film scene commentary I chose to analyze a scene from the 2015 film version of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. In order to create this commentary I began by downloading the Youtube clip using Firefox’s Video Download Helper. Once I had the video on my computer I simply imported it into Movie Maker to begin editing it. I tried this before downloading MPEG Streamclip because I thought that because it was a short clip I may not even need to download it.

After importing the file into Movie Maker I trimmed the beginning portion of the clip in order to focus on the segment of the scene that tells the greater story.

The next step was to record my background commentary in Audacity so that I could import it into Movie Maker. After doing this I lowered the volume on certain portions of the video so that

I commented in the style of Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting videos on a the elements of music-sound, focus, and angles.


The full scene:

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