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Below are the results to the Twitter polls that I put up on Thursday 4/20. I missed my Monday slot, so I participated on the Thursday round wherein I posed questions to my classmates regarding the following agents: Margaret Delatour (Special Agent GO), Roderick Rush, Scarlett Jones (Tinkerbell), and Al Gore (ManBearPig).

The majority of my classmates’ poles featured witty questions related to information in the agent’s bio. I tried to imitate this style for my own questions and play off of some of the details in the stories of Margaret Delatour, Roderick Rush, Scarlett Jones, and Al Gore.

The results for the polls include:

1. Margaret Delatour’s mission that her cat Ruby accompanies her on would be “Meow or Never”

2. Agent ManBearPig conveniently tells inconvenient truths for fun.

3. Watching the film Rushmore was, in fact, Roderick Rushmore’s most daring escape!

4. And finally, escaping on an octopus was Scarlett Jones’s most creative way she employed her marine biology degree.


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