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Reading “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered” by Austin Kleon was especially revitalizing. Through most of college I’ve struggled with balancing time spent on coursework and time spent creating – or – in fact, thinking about creating. During my sophomore year I studied in France for six months and inspiration to write, take photos, and engage more deeply in being creative was so easy.

Two years have passed and while I sometimes steal some time away to engage in the world and write about it has been harder to find inspiration to create. I need a place, a person, newness to inspire me and that doesn’t always come so often.

I loved all of Kleon’s councils, but I especially appreciated his advice to “Think process, not product” because it is definitely true that I often become too focused on what I want to produce and reach that I hurry through the process which should truly be the focus.

However, while I appreciate thinking about and engaging in the process for my side of the operation, but I don’t necessarily agree that an audience or viewer who is receiving the work needs to visualize or understand every step that the artist took to reach the final point.

Just as a magician does not reveal the background to his trick because the magic comes from the mystery – from not knowing, I don’t believe that an artist should reveal all. I’m  not proposing that art should necessarily be an illusion, but maybe it would suffice to give a few crumbs to viewers and share small portions of the process instead of its entirety.

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