• Tutorial: Mashing Friends And Emojis •

1. Find a willing participant! [In this case it was my roommate Alice!]

2. Select an emoji and download an image of the emoji! [Alice chose the terrified face!]

3. Take a photo of said willing participant acting as the chosen emoji. Take the photo as close to them as possible.

4. Now select a collage application where you will upload the photo of the emoji and the photo of your participant acting at the emoji [In my case I chose PhotoGrid]


5. Place both images in the collage and save the image from the app!

6. All finished! [I decided to whiten Alice’s pupils to be more true to the emoji!]



•I’m Ready For My Closeup•

Trevor Noah: Flower Child

This image mashup is an homage to Trevor Noah! Every truth that he speaks is like a blossoming flower.

To create this image mashup I simply combined a background of flowers with the foreground this close-up of Trevor Noah in a photo blending app. I played with the different qualifications until I found a degree of blending that merged Trevor’s face evenly with the flowers.