• My Favorite Thing To Do •

In this short clip I water my little succulent plant. This video is a representation of my appreciation for nature which includes many hobbies: from caring for my indoor plants and gardening to hiking and camping. I love all things green.

• Video Essay •

For this film scene commentary I chose to analyze a scene from the 2015 film version of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. In order to create this commentary I began by downloading the Youtube clip using Firefox’s Video Download Helper. Once I had the video on my computer I simply imported it into Movie Maker to begin editing it. I tried this before downloading MPEG Streamclip because I thought that because it was a short clip I may not even need to download it.

After importing the file into Movie Maker I trimmed the beginning portion of the clip in order to focus on the segment of the scene that tells the greater story.

The next step was to record my background commentary in Audacity so that I could import it into Movie Maker. After doing this I lowered the volume on certain portions of the video so that

I commented in the style of Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting videos on a the elements of music-sound, focus, and angles.


The full scene:

• Weekly Summary 3/24 •

There it is! The end of the week. We began the week in DS106 by listening to the radio shows that we published last week and it was very enjoyable to hear what everyone had come up with.

Even though we each generally centered our shows on the theme of spying there was great variety in what we each decided to do. I comment on a specific show in my Radio Show Reflection .

I also comment on three assignments from my other DS106 classmates and showcase the work that they have done here in Best of ds106 showcase.

I also made a very short story through my Daily Creates this week. Read my ominous story of Connected Daily Creates.

Finally, I attempted to use Mozilla’s X-Ray Goggles to hack Quizlet and create my own spin on an educational website, but the extension did not seem to work as well as I thought it would. I was able to change the text, but was not able to import images. Here is my (somewhat) finished Storytelling Within the Web assignment.

8 ★s of Web Assignment Banks:

Imag[In]Ing The Streets With Google Street View (4 ★s)

Email! Email! Read All About It! (4.5 ★s)

Daily Creates:




• Storytelling Within the Web assignment •

I had hoped to create a fun spin on Quizlet by rewriting it to be “Learn Swedishish!” – a website to help earthlings learn Swedishish so that they can communicate with extraterrestrials. Extraterrestrials speak Swedishish, in fact. It’s close to Swedish in some ways, but is very distinct as well – the aliens have transformed the speech patterns significantly.

For my website “Learn Swedishish!” I was able to input all of the text that I wanted – I played off of the original text that Quizlet included on its website and tried to make a parody of it.

I had hoped to replace the website’s photos with images that reflected my parody text, but unfortunately each time that I selected an entire area within X-Ray Goggles to re-code it the site would simply delete that portion of the website instead of letting me add in <img> and the link to a new photo.

I would like to resolve this issue so I can more fully web story tell.
Here is what I was able achieve “Learn Swedishish!” and here is what Quizlet normally looks like.

Despite the setback I enjoyed hacking a website and I find the idea of webstory telling very fascinating.

• Connected Daily Creates •

[A story composed of Daily Creates!]

Today I have a short tale for you. It begins in the year 1900 before all of our new technological marvels and newfangled inventions. It was before Marlon Brando delivered his famous line (“I coulda been a contender!”) and it was well before DS106.

One day a small child discovered a magic ball. It allowed him to see into the future – exactly 100 years into the future. As the child ran the orb through his fingers he thought that he could make something out. He made an alarming prophecy:

“One day they will want to escape from these machines, but they won’t know how. They’ll try and exit the systems, but there is no escape. I see something ominous in the future and I think it is called “Internet.”‘

• Best of ds106 showcase •

1. Best Design 

Radio Show Logo

I would consider this logo from “Digital Sleuth” as the best design from our class over the last few weeks. I remember first seeing it when I was looking through everyone’s blog and being struck by how eye catching it was. The radiating lines and unique font as well as the neutral coloring make it appear poised and professional. This is why I would classify it as one of the best pieces of art so far.

2. Best Audio Editing

Radio Show Bumper

The radio show bumper that Megan designed for DS106 Radio wins best audio editing! First, the overall sound, the sort of mysterious and subtly spooky tone pulls the listener in and then once the ghoulish voice begins to speak the listener becomes even more fascinated (and perhaps a little scared!). The choice of sounds and then the layering of those sounds was done flawlessly which is why Megan’s radio bump wins!

3. Most Humorous Daily Create

Nicholas wins most humorous Daily Create! The combination of the image from the children’s book and the caption is so on point. There were other pretty funny contenders, but Nicholas’s work wins the prize.

• Radio Show Reflection •

“Sexpionage” began with eerie music and a miniature history lesson regarding the theme of the show. One of the first segments in the show was a discussion on real life honey pots and Romeos who seduce targets in order to get information.

According to our hosts the most effective espionage method is, in fact, the weakness of the human heart. This is why an American Chinese woman spying for China was able to get information from a FBI agent and East German Romeos going into West Germany were successful getting information from female leaders.

[I found it so fascinating that the difference in style of male haircuts between East and West Germany was what eventually tipped off the West Germans! What a fun fact!]

After this short history lession the show transitioned into story time for an episode of the “Silver Shroud.” The story was a little difficult to follow but I understood that the hero – the ghoul Bobby – was in an abandoned mine at one point and was trying to escape a nefarious individual. There was also a multitude of gun shots at one point… this seemed to be bad.

Overall I enjoyed the sound effects that the group used for to help the story and this portion of the show felt like a fun, old fashioned radio adventure show that everyone would gather round to listen to circa 1940.

This story actually gave way to a second one- a ghost story – where two sisters and their boyfriends decide to visit a haunted mansion and it does not end well for one of the sisters. This story was told through narration without any dialogue or sound effects. I enjoyed the telling of this story, but I think it could have been stronger with sound effects as well.

The idea of romance and espionage colliding was fairly consistent throughout the radio show although there were segments that were not about sexpionage. The interview with a former agent in prison deviated from this theme, for example, and it was the mystery house segment that ended the show.

All in all the show was fun to listen to and each segment seemed to be well thought out. I think the only thing that would have made the show more coherent would have been if they advertised from the beginning that it was sexpionage meets old time radio drama.

• Imag[In]Ing The Streets With Google Street View •

My day started out like any other, with a visit to my favorite bakery in Paris (right there on the corner!)

Followed by a leisurely stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens

That was a little too leisurely… I almost forgot to catch my train!

You see, I’m spending a week in Italy. In La Spezia, to be exact.

With a side trip to 5 Terre 🙂

• Radio Show Process & Progress / Weekly Summary 3/17 •

•We returned from spring break and jumped into radio show prep! •

The radio show that Megan, Samantha, Daniel H., Daniel Z., and I produced is titled “Cloak and Dagger” and consists of three distinct parts. The main segment is a mass surveillance-related narrative and interspersed between sections of the narrative are “Ask Nancy” commercials and “Espionage Trivia” recaps.

At the beginning of the week we went back to the ideas that we had put together before the break and started to brainstorm more about which ideas we would include in the show and how we would carry them out. For example, we weren’t sure at first if the narrative would be the same length as the “Ask Nancy” and trivia segments or if it would be longer. Ultimately we decided that in order to tell a full story the narrative would make up the majority of the show and the other two segments would be shorter.

On Monday night we couldn’t all meet in person so we made a group call through Google Hangout and discussed the different segments in greater detail.  We set up three different Google Docs in order to write out the segments which we contributed to until we met up on Wednesday.

On Wednesday we met to finalize the written segments and start to record them. By the time we met on Wednesday we had written the “Ask Nancy” and trivia portions and Daniel H had laid out his vision for the narrative. In the Google Doc for the narrative he had written out the structure for the story and specific ideas for content. On Wednesday we elaborated on the story as a group, worked out the smaller details like character names and the spy group name, and began to write it in earnest.

The narrative’s story consists of Marco who works for CLOAK and is recruited by a Hacktivist spy ring. It’s fun because Marco presents himself like a regular guy; he goes through the same type of routine each day and doesn’t think too much about his job until one day he is given a series of clues that leads him to Gladius! The spy ring recruits him to help in their work and then…. listen to our show to find out what happens!

At our Wednesday meeting we also recorded the “Ask Nancy” segments and made plans for recording the other portions (Trivia and radio bumps) independently, and editing. Through the rest of the week we recorded our different portions and uploaded them to Google Drive so that Daniel H. and Megan could combine them into the finished file.

After we met as a group, what I worked on included writing one of the end scenes in the narrative, recording the trivia questions, and recording my voice for one of the Gladius members.

Megan and Daniel H. were amazing and compiled and edited all of the files in Audacity to make the final show. The rest of sent .wav files through SoundCloud and Google Drive.

Cloak & Dagger


Daily Creates: