•I’m Ready For My Closeup•

Trevor Noah: Flower Child

This image mashup is an homage to Trevor Noah! Every truth that he speaks is like a blossoming flower.

To create this image mashup I simply combined a background of flowers with the foreground this close-up of Trevor Noah in a photo blending app. I played with the different qualifications until I found a degree of blending that merged Trevor’s face evenly with the flowers.

• Weekly Summary 4/7 •

This week we continued to work on video production. I was excited to work again on video because I enjoyed making them last week.

I completed over 12 ★s of video assignments from the assignment bank. Six of the stars needed to relate to my secret agent character. Two of the three assignments I completed involved Agent Tilbit & spying.

Signing Words ( 4.5★s)

The Healthy Vine Challenge! ( 4★s) *

DIY Product Commercial ( 5★s) *

*Featuring one of my roommates!

Finally, I also wrote this post about possible missions the DS106 agents could complete.

Daily Creates:




• Mission •

I brainstormed and thought of a few possible mission ideas. For any mission I think it would be most interesting & entertaining if all of the agent characters that created could meet somehow.

  • Writing an add-on story  that involves all of our respective agents. Each DS106 student could take a turn and add to the story (potentially in a Google Doc). Someone would be begin with an introduction that includes his or her agent and then each of us would add a few lines until the story was complete.
  • One spy has double crossed DS106! We must work to figure out who it was! This could be another collective story writing assignment, and, or Professor Bond could create a backstory involving our characters that we must untangle to find the guilty spy.



•DIY Product Commercial •

Orange Explosion

I pitched a must-have spy gadget to my roommate and fellow spy.  The Orange Explosion seems to be a normal, average,  run of the mill, nothing special, no sir clementine, when, IN FACT, it is a cleverly disguised bomb! Easily concealed and unsuspecting any spy will  be able to plant the Orange Explosion and detonate it from a distance with the app that accompanies the product. Hurry & order yours today! I just sold five to Agent Tilbit.

For this video my roommate and I simply acted in front of my computer and I uploaded the file to Vimeo!

• Weekly Summary 3/31 •

This week I completed two major assignments which included a Video Essay & Interview Responses. Both were very fun to complete! First, I loved filming my (and Agent Tilbit’s) responses to the DS106 directors’ interview questions. It was also great to learn how to place narration over video for the Video Essay.

In regard to the Video Essay, I really enjoyed watching Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting series. He includes so much detail regarding filming techniques and highlights concepts that I wouldn’t be as aware of, so I really appreciated learning about film production through his short explanations.

Finally,  I completed over 10 stars of video assignments this week including:

10★s of Video Assignments:

Where Did My Shoes Take Me? (4★s)

My Favorite Thing To Do (4★s)

What Do You Do? (4.5★s)

Daily Creates